Report to Law Enforcement

The Yale Police Department (YPD) operates 24/7 and is comprised of sworn police officers, including a Sensitive Crimes & Support Coordinator. The YPD has the capacity to perform full criminal investigations for allegations of criminal conduct that occurred on Yale’s campus. In addition, the YPD can provide information on available victim assistance services, safety planning, and other related issues.

The YPD works closely with the New Haven Police Department, the New Haven State’s Attorney, the SHARE Center, the University Title IX Coordinators, and various other departments within the University. The Yale Police Department can also faciliate protective measures.  If the incident occurred off campus, the YPD can assist in connecting you with the local police who are responsible for investigations in the corresponding jurisdiction.

Additionally, LiveSafe is an app that gives students, staff, and faculty on campus an effective way to communicate with Yale Police (YPD) via a mobile device. Disclosures of sexual misconduct can be sent anonymously through the app.