Educational Materials and Resource Guides

Below are Title IX educational materials and resource guides for the Yale community. 
  • Preventing and Responding to Sexual Misconduct
    • This guide provides an overview of the University’s policies and the broad range of resources available to prevent and respond to sexual misconduct at Yale. 
  • Title IX at Yale: Resources and Options Handout

    • This handout provides a brief overview of support and response resources for individuals who may be dealing with sexual misconduct. The front of the handout lists contact information for resources and the back of the handout provides answers to frequently asked questions including information about rights. 

  • Title IX Reporting Responsibilities  
    • Faculty members, instructors, lecturers, teaching fellows, coaches, academic administrators, and others who have supervisory, advisory, or educational responsibility for Yale community members have Title IX reporting responsibilities. This document provides information and guidance to assist employees with reporting obligations should a student, faculty, or staff member come disclose concerns about sexual misconduct. 
  • Title IX at Yale: Informational Poster
    • This poster provides communities across campus with information about the Title IX Office and the role of Deputy Title IX Coordinators.
  • Resources to Address Discrimination and Harassment Concerns at Yale
    • This pamphlet provides a brief outline of Yale’s policy and resouces related to discrmination and harassment.