Title IX Fellows

The Title IX Fellows are graduate and professional students who support a range of activities in the Title IX Office, such as educational, communications, and training initiatives.

Mizzy Almaazmi Headshot

Mizzy Almaazmi (she/her)

Mizzy is a 2nd-year Master of Environmental Science candidate at Yale School of the Environment. As a Title IX Fellow, Mizzy hopes to help in providing prevention and education opportunities to international graduate students. As an international student herself who was unfamiliar with Title IX, she aims to help create an environment that encourages questions and concerns regarding sex and gender-based discrimination. When Mizzy isn’t out in the field researching turtle nest predators, you can find her reading, playing video games, and trying to convince her unaffectionate cat to love her.

Carolyn Perry Headshot

Carolyn Perry (she/her)

Carolyn is a second-year student in the Accelerated MBA/MPH program interested in how to improve access to affordable, quality health care in the US. She is a Title IX Fellow, a club leader for four clubs, and has an exceptional campus-wide free food radar. Prior to Yale, Carolyn lived in Atlanta, working on state Medicaid projects for Mercer Consulting. Carolyn has a BBA from Emory University, and in her spare time, Carolyn likes to peruse the New York Times cooking app for new recipe ideas and get outside.

Bel Zufferey Headshot

Bel Zufferey (she/they)

Bel is a third year student in the dual MPH/MDiv program, with interests in addiction research, medical ethics, and harm reduction. Bel has a background in overdose prevention/response, and enjoys baking, gardening, and spending time with their three cats.